Please excuse the stardust.

It's a difficult time for game developers of all stripes. Consolidation among 21st century media industries has locked out many voices looking to compete on fairer terms: that of ideas ahead of profits. And the world's shaky recovery from COVID-19 and uncertain future have put serious dents in the initial promise of crowdfunding. Despite the hurdles we and others like us have faced, we share one thing in common as creators. We all still believe in the creativity, honesty, and possibilities of the craft. Games bring us together, and sharing our stories bring us closer still.

We're fusing two previously separate worlds together in one shiny new reactor. Rosalind Muchmore's Prograde Burn and Faith Falkner's Stardust, two similar hard sci-fi properties with different attack vectors, are now flying in formation.

We will be consolidating our work in the next months as we look toward creating a unique commercial product with all the awe, mystery, and drama our audience would expect from a hard sci-fi property. If you are new to Prograde Burn, it is a tabletop miniatures game with Newtonian mechanics. You can learn more through the link provided.

There's not much more to say for now. We need time to hash things out. But we believe that this alliance puts us in a better position to compete in a tough market and perhaps will allow us the opportunity to keep doing what we love.

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