Equip yourself with the finest vessels and provisions. Ready for any challenge. The stars are destiny.

Today at 0900 Central Time we are introducing our fans to the Voidfarer Supply Cache at store.sublightgames.com. The VSC is our new repository for all exclusive digital and physical content for Stardust by Sublight Games. Stardust is an independent sci-fi tabletop wargame and TTRPG produced by us, Faith K. Falkner and Rosalind Muchmore.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to streamline our crowdfunding process and offer a single outlet for everything we make that is both familiar in form for your benefit and easy for us to maintain.

Yes, in time, this will finally include miniatures! We also have quite a few new products for you to relish, and our Voidfarers enjoy hefty discounts and access to unique merchandise. Every sale directly funds Stardust's development with nearly zero overhead. You may now also make a donation, should you so fervently wish to see Stardust succeed.

Voidfarers will now login to the Voidfarer Supply Cache (VSC) platform to access their rewards and exclusive content. All Voidfarer content will be transferred to the VSC over the course of this week. The old system will be depreciated June 1st, 2023. Make an account here if you haven't already. We stand ready to assist your transition from an old account to a new one. Contact us at [email protected] or message Svipul on Discord.

When there is fresh exclusive content for our Voidfarers or new items available in our shop, we will notify everyone here and via social media. There also may be vlogs and polls on the VSC in the future, so keep an eye out.

The Stardust website will continue to be our public face and the index for all of our lore. Major announcements for events such as new major game updates will still occur there. It will also continue to supplement our core game development. We have some neat ideas about how we can make Stardust accessible to everyone through progressive web applications.

Stardust v0.9 is on track to release at some point later this summer.

Thanks for your patience with us. Stardust means the world to us as independent, queer game developers. We want above all else to do this property justice, and to fly this mission wing-to-wing with our fans.

Fly safe,

— Faith & Rosalind