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Stardust is a tactical space combat miniatures game developed by Rosalind Muchmore and Sublight Games. Sorties entangle two or more players in Newtonian ballets of destruction on a standard hex grid. Vessels wield an array of advanced weaponry, such as high-powered laser weapons, rail & coilguns, plasma cannons, and missiles. Each fighter is rendered beautifully in miniature form at the common 6 mm scale, making them compatible with a wide range of science fiction miniature terrain and accessories.

Squadron leaders tame the chaos using an integrated momentum dial for a game that is as swift as the ships themselves. The game’s peripherals and miniature bases have been exhaustively designed to make signaling board state effortless, keeping gameplay fast and exciting. Bookkeeping is minimized to keep players engrossed in the game, not focusing on jotting down notes.

Stardust can be enjoyed standalone or as part of a greater tabletop campaign in a myriad of scenarios. Game modes include dogfights, objective-oriented competitive play, or cooperative story-driven campaigns with friends. Play cooperative PVE without a dungeon master using our Simulated Intelligence flowcharts. Engage in asymmetric battles with an odd number of players or even play the game with the optional hexless rule. The possibilities are not limited by our core gameplay loop.

In standard play, Stardust features an abstracted hex-based Newtonian flight model with a built-in Flight Assist that allows each fighter to maneuver more like an airplane, provided its movement speed is kept below a certain margin. This helps acclimate new players to the game and keeps it accessible, while allowing veterans to fly decoupled maneuvers if they so wish. Advanced Newtonian gameplay bestows several advantages upon a skilled player, but a rookie can fly coupled should they need to keep things simple. This is accomplished without splitting the game’s rule set or playerbase.

Fighters don’t fly themselves though, and players will design and customize their stick and throttle pilots with unique character abilities and modifications that provide their own unique bonuses and drawbacks to each unit.