Sublight Games is proud to announce that the Stardust Kickstarter campaign is NOW LIVE!

We encourage you to browse through our offers and rewards for the crowdfunding campaign, many of which will be exclusive and limited-time. The campaign has a rolling schedule, and we'll keep you appraised of any changes here, on Kickstarter, and on social media simultaneously. Stardust's Kickstarter ends July 16th at midnight PDT.

Stardust is an original transmedia sci-fi universe from Sublight Games. It is the living story of humanity’s diffusion through the stars. A story you will participate in, should the stars be your destiny.

For five long years, we have labored with as much love and care as our scant resources would allow. We set the foundations we need to tell a unique, queer-centric sci-fi story. With your kind backing atop this foundation, we can build up the infrastructure that will take our Voidfarers (that's you!) into the heavens.

Check back here regularly for the next two chapters and updates on the campaign! The first three chapters of Stardust are made entirely free! You may also read the novel for free, as it is released in step with the audiobook.

Fly safe, pilots. o7

— Faith, Rosalind, Alexis, and Keith

Sublight Games presents the pilot for Stardust...

Kickstarter Trailer


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Audiobook (Narration Only)

Chapter 1

Stardust Book CH01

Chapter 2

Stardust Book CH02

Campaign Schedule


Update #4 (June 18, 2024) Chapter 2 is go... on YouTube!

Voidfarers! Thank you for your patience with our slight change of schedule. We are excited to let you know that Chapter 2 of the Stardust pilot is now online for you to enjoy in both formats!

Moreover, you can now listen on YouTube! We've uploaded Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, and a playlist is available for you to sort through them.

Campaign Progress

On the campaign side, things are going well! We're at 40% of our total funding goal with 27 days left. We're blown away by your generosity. Let's keep getting the word out, though: we've gotta get more delta-v out of Windsong's engines! Even the simple act of sharing or word of mouth helps us immensely. 💜

Upcoming Events

Remember that we have a livestream Q&A and general behind-the-scenes shenanigans scheduled for THIS SATURDAY June 22nd @ 20:00 GMT / 13:00 PDT! Be certain to get your questions in, whether they be through the comments section, our Discord, or other social media like Twitter.

For those of you in the Pacific Northwest, Ashlee will be at Rose City Book Pub in Portland, Oregon on June 24! She'll be reading "Stardust," a new novel featuring Alexis... oh no, I screwed up this one and the backspace doesn't work. :)

Thanks all, and fly safe! o7

— Faith

Update #3 (June 13, 2024) Join us for Q&A live on Twitch! June 22nd @ 20:00 GMT

JOIN US for Q&A on Twitch! feat. Faith, Alexis, Rosalind, and behind the scenes shenanigans!

SATURDAY JUNE 22nd AT 20:00 GMT / 16:00 EAST / 13:00 PACIFIC

Get your questions and curiosities in by commenting below!

All livestream proceeds will go to Trans Lifeline, a peer support and crisis hotline that supports transgender people.

Update #2 (June 13, 2024) Meet Ashlee at Rose City Book Pub!

Hej, Voidfarers! Want to meet Ashlee? Join Producer/Director Alexis Vandom at Rose City Book Pub in Portland, OR for three exciting events at 6pm Pacific!

June 24:
 Reading "Stardust" by Faith K. Falkner
July 1: Intro to Voice Acting
July 13: Reading "Stardust" by Faith K. Falkner

Update #1 (June 7, 2024) Engines nominal! Slight rattle in the Chapter 2 manifold.

We are blown away by the support Stardust has received so far! We are one-third of the way to being fully funded in just a week! Our engineers and specialists are in agreement that all systems are nominal. No aborts today!

We have some campaign updates for you. A technical issue has required us to push the premiere of Chapter 2 back one week to Tuesday, June 18th. We don't anticipate another delay like this, and we appreciate your patience. Make sure you're caught up on the trailer and Chapter 1 by then!

And guess what? Some new events are coming down the pipe! Stay tuned here and on social media for updates when we have their timings locked in.

Fly safe, pilots! o7
— Sublight Games


Created by Faith K. Falkner
Directed by Alexis Vandom

Modelers: Faith Falkner & Ethan LeRoith
Animators: Kristina Mickel, Faith Falkner, Holly Jencka, and Ethan LeRoith
Compositing: Faith Falkner

Assembly editing by Free Me Not Audio
Sound Designer: Risa Bee

"Ochre" by Venera feat. HEALTH, licensed through Ipecac Recordings & Nettwerk Music US Inc.

"Out (Poemme Remix)" by Ed Harrison & Poemme, used with written permission.

Special Thanks: Izzy Shackleton, Meli Grant, Anjali Kunapaneni, Ed Harrison, Angela Klimek, Lilly Harper, Abdiwak Yohannes

Stardust is a trademark of Sublight Games, LLC. All rights reserved.