We have worked tirelessly to bring you unique science fiction content over the past year as we poured our hearts out into this world. Over 200 pages of free sci-fi adventure are on offer, and more are now available via our new subscriber platform.

You can become a Voidfarer and get immediate access to some pretty cool rewards. One of which is that you can playtest the game right now. Yes, really!

Stardust is a table-top strategy game in development by Sublight Games. It was previously known as Prograde Burn. It is now available in early-access via a soft launch mode. We can't wait to get your feedback on what we've been up to.

Keep in mind Stardust is a tabletop experience in constant development. You will need a hex sheet and a printer. A 3D printer is optional but adds to the experience. It is meant for two or more players in its current state, but a solo mode is in the pipeline.

We also have unique lore rewards, art rewards, and soon we will also offer merchandise. Keep your eyes peeled, pilots.

We're excited to have you along with us on this journey. Stardust means the world to us as independent, queer game developers. We are not the only story out there. But this is our story, and we're very humbled and pleased to share it with you.

Saying this game has been a labor of love just doesn't quite seem to cut it. It has consumed nearly the last 5 years of my life. In the process, I have continued to build upon it purely because it is something I love to do, something I crave being able to do. I truly hope that you enjoy what we've created here, and that it resonates with you. That has been my only goal. Everything else is a bonus. —Rosalind
Stardust means so much to me as a transgender creator. It's how I found myself in a time of deep uncertainty over the past several years. Art is the mirror through which we see clearly. Gaming and play are the tools through which we develop some of the closest bonds. In the end, our fictional universe is about people: the people who inhabit it, and the people who enjoy it. Cool spaceships are icing on the cake. —Faith