• Nationality: Geminese
  • Gender: Masculine (he/him)
  • Height: 192cm
  • Weight: 92kg
  • Introductory Age: 42 years
  • Birthdate: 04-10-45 CY (693rd Prime Castori, Cycle 167)
  • Birthplace: Venetia, Castor
  • Leandros Fletcher came to the Astrild system as the boatswain of a Geminese freighter on a regular trade mission. While waiting for his ship to unload, he happened across a bar brawl on Port Arsalan. By inserting himself into the fight and breaking it up, Leandros befriended a thankful Ashlee, who started calling him Fletcher because it was easier for her to pronounce. It only took a gyre or so before he’d made up his mind to stay. He’d join Ashlee’s crew as an engineer and as the designated marksman.

    Fletcher grew up fixing things. He had plenty of childhood friends and was a popular sort, but his real friends were all the broken things he would come across and repair. This could take any form: Leandros fixed gadgets, vehicles, appliances, and seabirds with broken wings. He has a natural knack for understanding how things work and diagnosing what’s wrong when they don’t.

    If Fletcher doesn’t know how to fix something, he is willing to try, and instead of giving up on a problem he will see the solution to the end, rarely factoring in the cost. He is a good delegator, given he trusts his delegates and cannot finish the job by himself. No duty is beneath Fletcher, and this workmanship endeared him to many people he served alongside in the merchant marine. Becoming a boatswain was a natural fit for his personality.

    He was worse about diagnosing and fixing himself, and he lived with hidden depression and alcoholism in the beginning of his adult life. Deeply closeted and sexually repressed into his early 30s, Fletcher was scared of what it would mean to be gay in a pious and morally rigid society. Deciding to not return to the Lux system was a tougher decision for him than he tells of it, but he does not regret it one bit.

    Just several brights after picking Ashlee up from the barroom floor, Fletcher met his significant other, a Geminese entrepreneur initially from the twin planet of Pollux, and they were engaged only a year later. His husband’s shipyard—Caelum Space Foundries—has become the go-to for many of Windsong’s modifications, including its custom re-entry shielding and energy storage solutions.

    Fletcher is a content and good spirited gentleman whose life is now set, so it may be surprising that he’s running about with Ashlee. This might be because he is so intensely interested in fixing things: human beings included. Although careful to give her personal space, his concern for Ashlee is genuine, and he always has her back. He sees her as a broken soul who takes on too much burden and deserves the support she never received growing up. Ashlee may not make the connection in full, but Fletcher’s big brother disposition toward her is heartfelt.